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 Title Revision
Ride Application form  2019
Ride Form & ride fee Form 2019
AERA Form 20 – AERA Volunteer Registration 2019
COI Request


2019 Vet Fees 2019
AERASpace Query Form 2019
2019 Trailer Declaration 2019
Non Member Remittance Declaration 2019
Ride Weight Sheet 2019
Head Veterinarian Report  
Volunteer Register 2019
Risk Management  
AERA Form – Risk Management Assessment Matrix  
AERA Form A – Risk Identification and Assessment 2019
AERA Form B – Incident Accident Near Miss Report 2019
AERA Form C – Incident Analysis Form 2019
AERA Form D – Event Safety Checklist 2019
AERA Form E – Register of Hazards on Course 2019
AERA Form F – Register of Hazards at the Ride Base 2019
AERA Form G – Daily Event Safety Checklist Form 2019


The Ride application form can down be downloaded and filled out directly on your computer

just click the download button at the top of your browser and save to your computer

When completed filling out form just click the submit button and follow the prompts of your program