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Notice to Volunteers with Working with Children Check. If you have VERA listed as an organisation on your MyCheck profile please ensure that the correct address and phone number is shown. VERA has now updated the Organisation record to the current Secretary's address/phone contact but this does not flow through automatically to any personal records.

You may need to review the details in your profile for VERA's address. Please contact our VERA Secretary, Ellen Prestage for the details and how to change this information on your MyCheck profile.

The rule that will affect the greatest number of people is the log book rule change. In the past a horse with a logbook could enter an inductory ride or micro marathon on a day vet card. This is no longer the case. A horse issued with a log book MUST USE THAT LOGBOOK FOR EVERY AFFILIATED EVENT.


Please See Below fo Full Amendments


2019 AERA Rule Amendments

AERA has released a new Endurance Ride Etiquette Policy 

Revised January 2016, Amended January 2018

To summarize there is only one main change which is the below line

Riders should be aware of the impact of headlamps on other riders, horses and officials and dim as required.

Please follow the link below to familiarize yourself with the full Policy

2019 Aera Endurance Ride Etiquette Policy