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The VERA SMC have sent out the notification of the AGM location and date along with the Nomination Form and the form for listing any business for discussion on the AGM Agenda. These have either been emailed or mailed out so please keep your eyes out for this communication.

Attached are the forms. If you wish to nominate for the SMC or list items for discussion, please complete the forms and return to our VERA Secretary (contact details on the website).

AGM Nomination and Business Form 2021


Sport and recreation

  • Community sport is open indoors and outdoors for training and competition with the minimum number of people required to play. Spectators can attend in line with outdoor public gathering limits and the venue’s indoor density limits. Vaccination requirements don’t apply to community sport.
  • Physical recreation and sporting facilities (including swimming pools, spas and saunas) are open if everyone present is fully vaccinated (indoors at 1 person per 4 sqm, or outdoors at 1 person per 2 sqm up to 500 people).

The VERA SMC are very pleased to announce that the Eldorado Ride Organisers (Naomi McGaffin BrownTina ManousakiKristie Taprell and Kylie Berg) have put their hands up to take another stab at running the ride. The new date is 13 & 14 November 2021. Rides will be run on Sunday, 14 November. The rides will be 20, 40 and 80km.

It will be great to catch up with everyone and to support our wonderful Ride Organisers. Thank you very much team for trying to run a ride in this period of uncertainty.

Please note that this ride will only proceed if the current restrictions ease further and competitive community sport is allowed to re-commence.

The VERA SMC, with much sadness, would like to advise of the passing of one of our members, Fleur Stefani, after a short battle with brain cancer. Our deepest sympathy is extended to Fleur's family and friends who will miss this vibrant, compassionate and strong woman. We will remember her for her ever smiling face and her love of her horses. Rest easy now Fleur.

VERA has been talking with a group of people who are looking at forming a committee to run the 2023 Tom Quilty event in Victoria. Which is very exciting for all our members as it was looking like we may not be able to host the Quilty. This group is looking for a few more people to join their Committee to make this happen.

The VERA SMC would like to invite any Ride Organisers who wish to run a ride in 2022 to complete the VERA Ride Application Form (which can be found under the Forms menu), pay the appropriate Ride Fees and send to our Ride Calendar Coordinator - Paul Nugent (contact details are on our VERA website). Applications will be considered at our next meeting, to be held on 23 October.

The Premier has very recently announced the easing of restrictions in accordance with a number of checkpoints in terms of vaccination rates. Attached is the road map for regional areas and, in another post, the road map for metro will be included.