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Are you thinking about getting into endurance riding?

Well, now is the ideal time to become a member and dip your toes into the wonderful world that is endurance.

As of the 1st of July Half yearly memberships at a discounted price will be available for the remainder of 2024.

It is with regret that the SMC advise that despite their best efforts Golden Gallop (Rushworth) are unable to run their ride this year on the 24/8/24.
We the SMC just want to say a massive thank you to Candy, Steve and your committee. You have done soooo much work to get this ride off the ground and we know how devastated you are that it is not going ahead.
Can we please all be super supportive to candy and her crew, we really look forward to hearing from you in 2025!!
Please stay tuned on facey for more updates. If any one has any concerns PLEASE, and we cannot emphasize this enough, email them directly to calendar coordinator and secretary and we will address them promptly with the committee.


Hi all,

Lots has been happening behind the scenes and I am very happy to announce there have been 2 more rides added to the calendar.


Lancefield Endurance Ride 25/26th of May with distances on Saturday- 10,20km and Sunday 20,40,80km. I would like to take this opportunity

to thank Bek and Paul for putting on this ride again, not only are they ride organisers, they are both actively involved in vital roles within VERA

so please take the time to thank them both for everything they do for our sport!


Due to the resignation of Mark Henry from the Vice President role, a vacancy was created for the position to be filled.
At the SMC meeting of May 15th, Ordinary Committee member Shannon Decker, was nominated by Simon Thomas and duly unanimously elected.
Congratulations to Shannon and thank you for taking on the Vice Presidency position.

On behalf of the SMC, we regretfully accept the resignation of Mark & Renee Henry and thank them for their valuable contribution.  We wish you every success in your future endeavours and look forward to catching up with you both at the rides.

For those who were wondering if they could make the trip to the ride in time to vet in on Friday night, I have spoken to Trish and the vet ring will be going til around 8pm on Friday night.
At a pinch, the odd horse may be able to be accommodated after this time if you make prior arrangements by contacting Trish.
Plenty of time to come after work if you can't wangle a day off 😉
A ride not to be missed as the tracks are terrific, no bitumen roads and plenty of new bushland for people to see.
Forecast is for a dry mild day -20 degrees - on Saturday, perfect for riding.
We need our nominations numbers so we can make the arrangements for the number of vets (for newer people, our rules require the ride organiser to have a particular ratio of vets to horses so they need to know in advance if an extra vet is needed or not.)
Please, please, please get your nominations in asap so these final arrangements can be made!

Well where do I start.

We purchased Aloha Thee Desperado last April as a stud horse. He had only been with us 2 days and I decided to have a ride with no intention to do much more as he was 15.5 years old but boy was I wrong He loves to work so our journey began. He has done 1x40 and 4 x80km placed in 3 of the 80 km then the Arabian national championships held a endurance horse events so I decided to have a go never to have entered a show in my life and having to school him was hard but rewarding as on the day he did everything right and won reserve champion ridden endurance horse. He is amazing and versatile. He has won in led class. he has won 4 Arabian races with previous owners, placed in endurance and now placed in ridden. I’m so proud of Des.

Hi All,

I am VERA’s new calendar coordinator!

I am very new to this committee role, and there will be some teething problems but my aim in this role is to promote our sport and get Victorian rides on the calendar!!

A big aim of mine, is that I would like everyone here to help all members have a voice, to help with this, can I ask that any concerns, suggestions, and ideas are sent directly to the committee.

If they are calendar/ride related please send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and other items to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NEW RIDES on the Calendar!

  1. Burrumbuttock Easter Carnival- Dual affiliated! (29th March-1st April) 5km, 10km, 20km 40km Saturday & 100km elevated 40km Sunday  
  2. Eaglehawk Extravaganza (19th April-21st April) 5km Friday & 120km elevator, 40km, 20km Saturday.
  3. Ararat Endurance Ride (10th-11th August) Saturday 10km, 20km & Sunday 100km elevated, 60km elevated, 20km
  4. Smythesdale Bush Bash- (27th -29th September) Saturday 100km elevated, 60km elevated, 20km, 10km

Thank you very much to each of our ride organisers!