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AERA have advised that any members who wish to apply for AERA Rider and Horse Distance Awards, which will be presented at the 2022 Tom Quilty event, should have their applications submitted to the AERA Registrar by 15 April 2022. Anyone wishing to be recognised for the Decade Teams Award (and we have had a couple of people reach this achievement this year) should also submit their application by this date. The appropriate Forms are available on the AERA website.

If you are one of the people who have qualified for this new award presented by AERA please get your application form completed and submitted. If you know of anyone who may no longer be involved in the sport, but who is qualified, please let them know. The following are the Victorians included on the Decades Team listing:

The AERA have finalised the application process for recognition of those horse and rider combinations who qualify for the Decade Team award. The rules for qualification for this award are:

  • The award can only be provided to the same horse and rider combination and does not recognise a rider singly or a horse singly.
  • The horse and rider must have successfully completed at least one endurance ride (80kms or more) for 10 years.
  • These 10 years do not need to be consecutive years.

To apply for recognition as a Decade Team combination please visit the Decades Team page on the AERA website (www.aera.asn.au) and download the Application Form. Complete the Form and send it to the AERA Distance Registrar, Jo Bailey by 31 August 2021.

The AERA Management Committee would like to provide an update on the development project that is currently underway to deliver an inhouse system to support ride nominations. AERA, via its AERA Database Sub-committee (SC) commenced investigating the possibility of building the AERASpace Online Nomination System (ONS) some time ago. The SC investigated a number of commercial online nomination systems from the perspective of integrating to an already built system. After sitting through a number of demonstrations of these products and talking with representatives of the software development companies the SC weighed up a number of factors including:

At the last AERA meeting a rule change was proposed by QERA in relation to the age at which our juniors can ride unaccompanied.  This rule change lifts the age by 2 years.  This will mean that juniors must be accompanied by an adult (and cannot ride alone or with another junior) until they are 12 years of age.  The age is taken as the junior’s age on the day or the ride.