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Please find attached the Product Disclosure Statement for the Personal Accident policy offered to members by AERA's insurance brokers Surewise. This Product Disclosure Statement will be available on VERA's website shortly.

Please note that this is an optional insurance policy and members should undertake their own research to ascertain whether this policy meets their needs.


Download Here



Please find attached the 2021 Members Insurance Program document detailing all aspects of insurance provided to AERA by Surewise.


Download Here

AERA have provided the VERA SMC with a report on the status of the AERA Insurance policies. The report is attached for the information of members.



AERA have forwarded the 2021 Insurance documents for the information of members.  For any detailed information on the insurance policies please contact Surewise (AERA’s insurer).


AERA Certificate Form

AERA Covid-19

AERA Insurance Cover for VETS


PA Application

AERA have provided the attached insurance brochures from the AERA Insurers,
SUREWISE, for members, Ride Organisers and Vets.  Please take the time to
read the attachments and inform yourselves.  For any questions in regard to
insurance matters please contact Paul Nugent, VERA's Insurance Officer.