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The VERA SMC has also approved a change of date and a slight modification to the rides for the Moyston ride. This ride will now be held on 9-11 July 2021. Ride distances will be 40km, 80km and 160km elevated.

Sioux Reid has advised that the 160km elevated event will commence at midnight Friday and will finish at midnight Saturday. The 80km and 40km rides will be timed appropraitely with the running of the 160km ride.

On behalf of Sioux Reid and her crew of hard workers the SMC is disappointed to announce that the Moyston ride will not be proceeding on the weekend of 12-14 June due to the current level of Covid restrictions in force as well as the uncertainty about what will happen in the next week or so. While there has been some easing it is insufficient to be able to run this event in a safe environment and without risking the health of attendees.

The SMC and Sioux are working towards offering the event on an alternative weekend and a notification will be posted as soon as possible in regards to a re-scheduled date.

The SMC would like to extend its thanks to Sioux for having the enthusiasm to re-schedule the event so that you can all still come along and enjoy the great tracks that Moyston offers. Stay tuned and, as always, please stay safe in this uncertain times we face here in Victoria.

The VERA SMC has just approved a change of date for the Eldorado ride. They will now be running their event on the 16 & 17 October 2021. The SMC is very grateful to the Eldorado ride committee for their hard work in finding another date so quickly and for committing to a lot of hard work again. Make sure this ride is on your must do list.

The VERA SMC would like to remind riders and trainers that the swabbing program will be conducted throughout the 2021 season. Swabbing may be done at any ride and over any distance (not just endurance rides) so please ensure that you all abide by the rules in regards to the use of prohibited substances.

It is suggested that you thoroughly read Section 5 of the AERA Rulebook (available on the AERA website) as this covers all aspects of equine anti-doping and control medication requirements.

At the last AERA meeting a rule change was proposed by QERA in relation to the age at which our juniors can ride unaccompanied.  This rule change lifts the age by 2 years.  This will mean that juniors must be accompanied by an adult (and cannot ride alone or with another junior) until they are 12 years of age.  The age is taken as the junior’s age on the day or the ride. 

In light of the State Government’s decision to head into lockdown the Ride Organisers have decided to cancel the Eldorado ride. There had been a lot of work expended to date on pulling the ride together. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone associated with the ride and we all share the disappointment of not catching up with our endurance family.

Stay safe during the lockdown and adhere to the restrictions.