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Attached is the latest edition of Quilty news with updates on progress being made at the Quilty and a detailed account of the 5 legs of the Quilty track.

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The VERA SMC is looking for people who are interested in nominating for the VERA State team to compete at the 2021 Tom Quilty event in Western Australia. Attached is the Tom Quilty Gold Cup State Team policy outlining the requirements for nominating and the responsibilities of being considered as a part of the team. As yet, a determination has not been made as to how many Victorian teams that will be entered as this will be dependent upon the number of nominations received.

The VERA SMC would like to congratulate Digger Leehane on his selection to represent VERA at the 2021 Tom Quilty event in WA.  Digger will be heading across to be part of the Chief Stewarding team and will be assisting Head Chief Steward Tom McCormack and Assistant Head Chief Steward Mary Lou Locke.  We wish him the best for a fun time at the Quilty and safe travels.

The VERA SMC would like to advise that our State Honorary Vet, Narelle Cribb, will be VERA's veterinary representative at the 2021 Tom Quilty event in WA. We all wish Narelle a great time over in WA and safe travels. Thank you for continuing to do the best to maintain the welfare of our horses.


Victoria has the honour of again hosting the Tom Quilty event in 2023.  Victorian Quilties have always been very popular and have attracted good fields.  We’ve had some wonderful Quilties in the past put on by a great band of people who have showcased our countryside and our friendly approach.  VERA are looking for a dedicated band of folk who will be willing to put in a lot of hard yards to run this prestigious event and make our state proud once again.