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The SMC would like to advise members that we have been undertaking a review of our existing bank accounts to achieve some efficiencies and cost savings. We have reduced the number of bank accounts by combing some and closing out others that were not utilised on a regular basis. This rationalisation will reduce the workload for our treasurer and will also result in a cheaper cost for the audit process as less accounts will require auditing.

The major changes that affect members is that the Logbook and Membership accounts have been combined into a single account and the Merchandise account has been closed.  The impact for members is that if you have either of these accounts set up within your Internet banking or Banking App these will need to be changed.

All the VERA Forms that specify the bank account details for member services have now been updated and are available for download from the VERA website.

If you have any questions in regard to this change please contact our Treasurer, Kerrie Gabb. Contact details for Kerrie are on the website or you post a question here.