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The VERA SMC is looking for people who are interested in nominating for the VERA State team to compete at the 2019 Tom Quilty event in Queensland.  Attached is the Tom Quilty Gold Cup State Team policy outlining the requirements for nominating and the responsibilities of being considered as a part of the team.  As yet, a determination has not been made as to how many Victorian teams that will be entered as this will be dependent upon the number of nominations received.


Also attached (in a second post) is the Tom Quilty Team EOI Nomination Form which must be completed and submitted.  All nominations are to be sent to the Secretary, Ellen Prestage, via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Nominations must be received by Saturday, 15th June 2019. 

Please ensure full details are submitted with your Expression of Interest. 

The final selection of the team will be in the hands of the Selection Panel and will occur at the Tom Quilty event.   


2019 Tom Qulity Team EOI

Tom Quilty 2019 Team policy