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What a great weekend at Murray River Ride.

Congrats to Matt and Shanna Milne and all their team for a well run ride. For first time Ride Organisers you have excelled! Lots and lots of happy faces, plenty of newcomers and smiling volunteers. I am sure everyone enjoyed the track as much as I did from the comments I heard. If you'd like to provide some constructive comments on the ride or if you have any suggestions for improvements please use the Ride Review Form on the VERA Website. These comments will be reviewed by the SMC before being passed onto the Ride Organisers to ensure nothing derogatory or inflammatory is communicated.


Our Ride Organisers put lots and lots of hard work into their rides and it can be a bit heart breaking to be on the receiving end of rudeness.

If there is something that gave you the gripes please think about how you can present that in a positive way. If you can't then either give me a call or email me to discuss and we'll see if we can resolve the problem.

Ride Review

Please take the time to answer the following questions and provide additional information in the text box to identify any issues you had at the ride

Excellent Good Average Poor Not Applicable
Excellent Good Average Poor
Excellent Good Average Poor

Please select the Submit button which will send your comments to the SMC. The comments will then be forwarded to the Ride Organiser.