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The VERA SMC wishes to advise riders, trainers and other interested persons that the swabbing program for 2019 has now been determined. VERA has targeted a number of rides at which swabbing will be completed. At each of these rides a specified number of swabs will be taken.

The method of determining which horses are to be swabbed is defined within Section 5 - Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medications Rules under Clause 6.3.2 of these rules.

The number of swabs to be taken is based on the AERA requirement to target 2% of ride entries (based on 2018 figures). During 2018 VERA achieved a swabbing rate of 1.325% of endurance ride entries.

Please make sure you have read Section 5 and understand your responsibilities. Please raise any questions you may have and a response will be posted as soon as possible.