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The VERA SMC has also approved a change of date and a slight modification to the rides for the Moyston ride. This ride will now be held on 9-11 July 2021. Ride distances will be 40km, 80km and 160km elevated.

Sioux Reid has advised that the 160km elevated event will commence at midnight Friday and will finish at midnight Saturday. The 80km and 40km rides will be timed appropraitely with the running of the 160km ride.


The VERA SMC would like to thanks Sioux and the Moyston CFA for re-scheduling their lives so that this event can continue. And a very big thanks to Ken Bradley and his Ride Committee for giving up their second ride date. It is great to see the ROs supporting one another to make sure we can all continue to compete at our much loved rides.

Please make sure you support this ride and thank the ride committee for taking on the extra work load.