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On behalf of Sioux Reid and her crew of hard workers the SMC is disappointed to announce that the Moyston ride will not be proceeding on the weekend of 12-14 June due to the current level of Covid restrictions in force as well as the uncertainty about what will happen in the next week or so. While there has been some easing it is insufficient to be able to run this event in a safe environment and without risking the health of attendees.

The SMC and Sioux are working towards offering the event on an alternative weekend and a notification will be posted as soon as possible in regards to a re-scheduled date.

The SMC would like to extend its thanks to Sioux for having the enthusiasm to re-schedule the event so that you can all still come along and enjoy the great tracks that Moyston offers. Stay tuned and, as always, please stay safe in this uncertain times we face here in Victoria.