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The VERA SMC would like to remind riders and trainers that the swabbing program will be conducted throughout the 2021 season. Swabbing may be done at any ride and over any distance (not just endurance rides) so please ensure that you all abide by the rules in regards to the use of prohibited substances.

It is suggested that you thoroughly read Section 5 of the AERA Rulebook (available on the AERA website) as this covers all aspects of equine anti-doping and control medication requirements.


The VERA SMC would like to highlight that the person responsible for the horse at a ride is prima facie, the rider and the trainer of the horse, (jointly and severally), however support personnel and the owner of the horse may also be regarded as additional persons responsible if they were present at the event and/or made a relevant decision about the horse, and compelling circumstances warrant such an extension.

Please understand that ignorance is not a defence in any disciplinary action that may be imposed.