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The coming week is National Volunteer's Week in Australia. VERA would like to encourage all to post a thank you to the volunteers who make our sport possible. Our rides are run totally by volunteers who give their time freely to organise and run the rides that we all enjoy.

The SMC would like to express our deep gratitude to all our volunteers including our Ride Organisers, track markers, checkpoint people, TPRs, Chief Stewards, pencillers, ride secretaries, date entry people, track markers, weighing stewards, swabbing steward, FB Moderators, Web Master, Logbook Registrar, Membership Registrar, Pointscore Registrar, Grievance Officer, Disciplinary Panel members, emergency float drivers and anyone else who contributes to our events.

And, on behalf of the members, I'd like to express my thanks to the SMC members, both past and current, who manage the sport and put in a lot of hard yards that are often unseen.