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According to the latest information provided by our Premier the following changes to the COVID-19 restrictions will be implemented from 22 June:

From 11:59pm on 21 June, full-contact training and competitions may resume for people 18 years and under.  Non-contact sporting competitions for all age groups can also begin from 11:59pm on 21 June.  Adults can resume full-contact training from 13 July and full-contact competition from 20 July.

Gathering limits will not apply to participants and those reasonably necessary to conduct the training or competition (e.g. umpires, coaches).

It is possible that these restrictions may change if the new case numbers continue to increase but the VERA SMC have decided that we'll give it a go and start to organise some rides. Watch this space as we confirm with Ride Organisers that they will be running their rides.  It will be great to see you all again.