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The VERA SMC has held its emergency meeting (using digital tools to avoid face to face interactions and unnecessary travel) and voted unanimously to suspend all endurance activities until further notice as a result of the Government's advice that they will be banning all non-essential activities.
The SMC will continue to monitor the situation closely and will, when Government restrictions are lifted, review this decision and re-start the endurance season as soon as possible.

The SMC knows that this is a disappointing outcome but trusts that its members will understand that we all need to be socially responsible to lessen the impact of COVID-19. Proactive actions now may mean the shutdown is for a shorter period.
The SMC would urge all its members to take every care to look after your health and welfare during this difficult period and seek assistance if required.
Ride Organisers will be notified directly and given every support if they wish to try to organise their ride for a later date in the season, government regulations permitting.
Thank you all for your patience and understanding. If anyone would like to discuss this decision please feel free to contact me directly.