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With the new riding Season coming up VERA is happy to present a Preview of the first Ride of the season


Ride Name: VERA Training Weekend
Ride Dates: 14th and 15th March
Ride Base Address: 451 Willung Road, Rosedale
Ride Organiser Name: VERA
Ride Organiser Phone: 0409 415 355
Chief Steward Name: Ellen Prestage
Saturday: 40km - 12 pm, 23kms - 12.30 pm, 12km - 12.45 pm, 6km - 12.45 pm
Sunday: 40km - 9 am, 23km - 9.30 am, 12km - 9.45 am, 6km - 9.45 am
Intermediate: 40km - $40
Introductory: 23km - $25, 12km - $20, 6km - $10
Other Fees (Camping, Catering, etc.): Day Membership for 6km - $5, Day Membership for all other rides - $20
Horse Water;
Nearby Town;
Track Preview (Terrain, Elevation, Checkpoints and Water Points): Course varies from sandy tracks, laneways and country roads. Very small amount of rock. More work in the first leg of the 40km but it is a shorter leg. Second leg is slightly longer and flat. 1 Checkpoint on first leg of 40km event which is also a checkpoint for the 12km and 6km rides. One checkpoint on the second leg of the 40km ride and the 23km ride. 3 water points on first leg and also on the second leg. Two water points for the 12km and 6km events.
Additional Information: Camping available on Friday at a property about 1.5km from the ride base.
catering will be provided by the Heyfield Lions Club
Grounds Open From: 14 March 2020
Time: Early
Vetting: 14 March 2020
Time: 10 am
Pre-Ride: 14 March 2020
Time: 11.30 am