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A few things regarding horse logbooks for the year.

Could all members please complete the Annual Logbook Return for all horses that you have owned during 2020. This will help Ride Secretaries during the year.

Check your YELLOW horse logbook inside front cover for the AERA registration - this may be for lifetime - great, no issues. If it is annual - you will need to apply for another annual registration for 2020 or upgrade to lifetime horse registration to be able to enter an endurance ride (80km or greater) this year.

and lastly - when applying for your new novice logbook you need only purchase the logbook. The AERA registration is only relevant once you have successfully completed the qualifying distance and have forwarded the application to upgrade the blue book to a yellow book.

All forms can be found on the VERA website under Forms > Horse Forms.

Looking forward to catching up with everyone as the year progresses.


Bronwyn – VERA Logbook Registrar.