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The VERA SMC would like to congratulate Paul Nugent on passing his Chief Steward exam recently and attaining his provisional Chief Steward status. This is the first step towards becoming a fully fledged Chief Steward. Please pass on your congrats to Paul when you next see him at a ride and thank him for his ongoing support of our sport.

After a lot of consideration and much discussion Matt and Shanna have decided to cancel the Murray River Ride. The uncertainty of whether there will be an extension to the lockdown on top of a very likely gradual lifting of restrictions and the risk of a large gathering, particularly in light of the irresponsible actions that led to the lockdown, makes it difficult to proceed with the event. The timeframes are too tight to finalise track marking and other preparations now that stay at home orders are in place.

The VERA SMC fully supports this decision and thanks the ROs for their responsible approach as well as the care and consideration for their local community.

Refunds will be organised in the next few days. Thank you for your understanding.

The AERA have finalised the application process for recognition of those horse and rider combinations who qualify for the Decade Team award. The rules for qualification for this award are:

  • The award can only be provided to the same horse and rider combination and does not recognise a rider singly or a horse singly.
  • The horse and rider must have successfully completed at least one endurance ride (80kms or more) for 10 years.
  • These 10 years do not need to be consecutive years.

To apply for recognition as a Decade Team combination please visit the Decades Team page on the AERA website (www.aera.asn.au) and download the Application Form. Complete the Form and send it to the AERA Distance Registrar, Jo Bailey by 31 August 2021.

The VERA SMC would like to congratulate Digger Leehane on his selection to represent VERA at the 2021 Tom Quilty event in WA.  Digger will be heading across to be part of the Chief Stewarding team and will be assisting Head Chief Steward Tom McCormack and Assistant Head Chief Steward Mary Lou Locke.  We wish him the best for a fun time at the Quilty and safe travels.


Victoria has the honour of again hosting the Tom Quilty event in 2023.  Victorian Quilties have always been very popular and have attracted good fields.  We’ve had some wonderful Quilties in the past put on by a great band of people who have showcased our countryside and our friendly approach.  VERA are looking for a dedicated band of folk who will be willing to put in a lot of hard yards to run this prestigious event and make our state proud once again.

The VERA SMC would like to advise that our State Honorary Vet, Narelle Cribb, will be VERA's veterinary representative at the 2021 Tom Quilty event in WA. We all wish Narelle a great time over in WA and safe travels. Thank you for continuing to do the best to maintain the welfare of our horses.


The VERA SMC would like to advise people that the 2021 Half-Yearly Membership is available from 1 July 2021. This membership allows you the full benefits of full membership, including competing in endurance events and voting at the AGM, for the remainder of the year.

It represents great value at only $95, particularly with the 9 rides still on our calendar.

To join up please got to the VERA website and select Forms from the menu and then select Rider Forms. Or, click on the following link: Rider Forms (vicera.com.au)