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The AERA in conjunction with WAERA, Tom Quilty 2020 Committee, NSWERA and Tom Quilty 2021 Committee would like to advise that the 2020 Tom Quilty event has been cancelled. This is necessary due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation and the impact the pandemic is having on being able to prepare for and run the Tom Quilty. The 2021 event will be held at Collie, WA and will be hosted by the WA Tom Quilty Committee. All subsequent Quilty events will be delayed by a year with the Tooraweenah NSW Quilty being run in 2022.

AERA would like to sincerely thank all the parties involved in the many discussions over the past 7 weeks. This has been a multifaceted issue, unprecedented in our endurance history. Everyone contributed to the discussion and worked towards the best outcome for the sport and the collaborative approach was very much appreciated. WAERA and the Tom Quilty 2020 Committee would like to express its deep gratitude to the Tom Quilty 2021 and NSWERA Committees for their understanding and empathy in this situation and for their co-operation. The AERA sincerely wishes the WA and NSW Quilty Committees every success with their events.

AERA, WAERA and the WA Tom Quilty Committee will be working to determine a suitable date in 2021 and a further announcement will be made once this is finalised.

Linda Tanian
AERA President

The VERA SMC would like to share the attached information which outlines the 15 national principles for the resumption of sport and recreation. This has been provided by the Australian Institute of Sport.


See the Document HERE


The following announcement is made on behalf of the Brimpaen Organising Committee.

In light of the current COVID-19 situation affecting us all, it is with regret and great disappointment that after an emergency meeting this evening the Ride Organisers of the Brimpaen Endurance Ride after lengthy discussions with all parties involved, the Brimpaen Recreational Hall Committee, Horsham Shire Council, our catering team and also in line with other Equine events the decision has been made to postpone our ride with a new date hopefully being set for later in the year.

The VERA SMC fully supports the decision of the organising committee in this matter.

The VERA SMC has held its emergency meeting (using digital tools to avoid face to face interactions and unnecessary travel) and voted unanimously to suspend all endurance activities until further notice as a result of the Government's advice that they will be banning all non-essential activities.
The SMC will continue to monitor the situation closely and will, when Government restrictions are lifted, review this decision and re-start the endurance season as soon as possible.


With the new riding Season coming up VERA is happy to present a Preview of the first Ride of the season


After in depth consultation with all organisers concerned, we are saddened to have to cancel the ride planned for the last weekend in May.  Mount Cole Endurance Inc. prides itself on not only a quality ride, but an enjoyable social gathering as well.  Due to the current the health warnings and restrictions, along with the challenge of supplying hygiene necessities for all, we sadly feel we cannot meet this goal.  Please watch for a bigger and better ride in 2020.  Apologies for any inconvenience.