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As our first ride for the year looks like it is the 40km training weekend at Glengarry. I have seen people ask about memberships etc. 
1: you do not have to be a financial member of VERA to compete in any 40km or less training, or social ride.
2: However all non VERA members will be required to pay a "day membership" as well as the entry fee.

3: NEW RULE states that all horses with logbooks must have all training / social rides entered in them (previously you could put training rides on a vet card and not in the logbook)

For those VERA members ready to compete in an 80km and already have a logbook.
If your a VERA member, and paid your membership, make sure you have done your logbook returns REQUIRED BY ALL HORSES, NOVICE & QUALIFIED HORSES.
If your horse is a qualified horse [YELLOW BOOK] you also have to pay a annual fee prior to competing in anything of 80km plus, or if your horse has a lifetime registration then no other fee required) a sticker inside the book will tell you if it's lifetime registered or just annually registered.

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