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The VERA SMC wishes to advise that all endurance rides have been suspended until further notice due to the COVID-19 situation.  Once the Government has advised that restrictions on non-essential activities have been lifted the SMC will re-start endurance in Victoria.

Events Calendar

Start Date Ride Name Distance Location Contact
Saturday 26 September 2020 Snake Valley Dash Sat: 40km, 80km Snake Valley Recreation Reserve Renee Henry: 0408 912 171 Chief Steward: Sandy Little
Friday 30 October 2020 VERA State Championships 40km, 85km, 160km Dergholm Rec Reserve David Reeves: 0458 889 286
Chief Steward: Digger Leehane
Saturday 21 November 2020 Tallangatta Valley Endurance Ride Sat: 5km, 20km, 40km
Sun: 5km, 20km, 40km
Tallangatta Valley Naomi McGaffin: 0438 401 766
Chief Steward: Sandy Little
Saturday 03 April 2021 Mt Cole Endurance Fundraiser Sat: 20km, 40km, 120km elevated Raglan Rec Reserve Paulene Drew: 0408137725
Chief Steward: Lyn Taylor