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Please note the separate entry form and information flier for the HEROs rides (Ararat, Moyston and Landsborough) have just been uploaded to the files section.

Anyone wanting to take part as a HERO's rider will need to nominate to enter the VERA Endurance ride, complete Horse Health Declaration and Temperature Log as per normal for any endurance event. The HERO's entry form is so you can be included in the series pointscore and be elligible for some great prizes and awards! Sincere apologies for the time taken to get all this together for you!

What started out as a germ of an idea among a small group of us sort of snowballed! Thank you to all at HRV HERO's and the SPonsor Peter Horobin Saddlery for this exciting opportunity to expose more Standardbred horses to the wonderful sport of endurance riding.


Entry Form

Info Sheet